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Time to get some help because you are experiencing symptoms of severe burnout
Experiencing severe symptoms of  burnout requiring immediate intervention


You are on the edge of burnout, a condition that is threatening to engulf your life completely. You find yourself grappling with overwhelming physical and psychological fatigue, a relentless exhaustion that permeates every moment of your day, dragging down your spirits and leaving you feeling drained and debilitated.


Your emotions, once alive, now seem to be painted in varying shades of grey. Relationships that were once your sanctuary now seem like taxing chores, as you struggle to find the time or energy to connect with anyone. Even the simplest interactions seem like insurmountable tasks, leading to irritation and short-tempered outbursts.


The joy you once found in your work has evaporated, replaced by an intense loathing for your job and your life. You feel shackled, unable to see a way out of this crippling cycle. Every day feels like a constant battle, as you are imprisoned in a life that seems to hold no possibility of change or improvement.


Work has become an uphill battle against exhaustion. Struggling to maintain concentration, you find yourself making frequent errors, blunders that wouldn't occur under normal circumstances. The high standards you once held for your work now seem like distant memories, buried under the weight of your fatigue.


As the pressure continues to mount, you find yourself resorting to alcohol or medication more frequently, desperately seeking some form of escape or relief. This offers a temporary respite, a fleeting moment of relaxation and detachment from the harsh reality of your circumstances.


Your current state is not just alarming, but it also has the potential to lead to a severe crisis. It's like standing on the edge of a precipice, one that threatens a free fall into a long-term sickness absence. You're playing a dangerous game with your health and well-being, teetering on the brink of a complete collapse.


The clock is ticking, and if things don't change soon, it's only a matter of time before your body and mind give in, surrendering to the extreme stress and exhaustion. It's crucial to seek help and take proactive measures to prevent this impending burnout, to save yourself from a long and painful recovery period.

Here are five tips to combat burnout and regain a sense of balance and well-being in your life:


  1. Get Professional Support: Remember, it's absolutely acceptable to seek help. If the intensity of your situation leaves you feeling swamped, consider reaching out to a mental health expert. These professionals can arm you with effective methods to manage stress. Although a therapist can equip you with ways to navigate stress, they will not have the ability to change the environment that is generating the stress. If you are experiencing severe anxiety symptoms (such as insomnia, tension headaches, racing heart, restlessness or agitation etc), it may become crucial to step back and give yourself some restorative time to heal. This may be time to contemplate taking a medical leave of absence. If your alcohol consumption is alarming, it would be wise to discuss this with your GP.

  2. Create a Support System: Isolation can make burnout worse, so don't be afraid to reach out to others. This could be family, friends, colleagues, or support groups. Share your feelings and experiences with them. Not only can they provide emotional support, but they may also offer practical assistance or advice.

  3. Set Boundaries: Learn to set healthy boundaries in your professional and personal life. Learn to say "no" to tasks that overwhelm you and ensure that you allocate time for yourself during the day. This can prevent overworking and help maintain a better work-life balance. Take full advantage of your weekends to disconnect and recharge.

  4. Reflect and refocus: Take a step back and re-examine both your career and personal aspirations. Is the heavy burden that your job places on you justified, given its detrimental impact on your health? How long can you go on like this? It might be essential to redistribute some of your responsibilities, become more adept at declining unnecessary tasks, or even evaluate a potential career shift if your existing job is leading to such profound stress levels.

  5. Open the Lines of Communication: Recognising and expressing burnout is a crucial step towards mitigating it. If your current work pressure is spiralling out of control, and that's adversely affecting your health it is time to schedule a conversation to address the specific tasks that are creating undue stress. Talking about your concerns provides an opportunity for both you and your manager to strategise and rearrange priorities to handle your duties more effectively. They may not be completely aware of how you are feeling, and sparking this conversation could be the catalyst for acquiring the support you need and initiating essential changes.

If you are on the brink of burnout, coaching can prove to be a lifeline, offering a structured and personalised approach to help you navigate through this distressing phase.


I can guide you in identifying the root causes of your exhaustion, which may be buried under years of relentless work and neglect of self-care that have pushed you to the brink. I can offer a fresh perspective, help you recognise unhealthy patterns and stress triggers, and provide constructive feedback to improve your coping mechanisms.


I can work with you to redefine your work-life balance, aligning it with your core values and goals. This reconfiguration of priorities can help ease the pressure, creating space for leisure, relaxation, and relationships. I can bring a sense of accountability, encouraging you to stick to your commitments and follow through on your plans.


Coaching can also help you deal with negative emotions, reframing your perspective to see challenges as opportunities for growth, instead of roadblocks.


I can guide you in setting healthy boundaries at work and in personal relationships, preventing you from overextending yourself. I can also help you navigate difficult conversations at work, possibly resulting in the negotiation of more realistic deadlines and workloads. Through coaching, you can regain control over your life and redefine success on your terms.


While the journey out of burnout is challenging and often long, the right help can facilitate a recovery that is not just about surviving, but thriving.


Remember, seeking help is not a sign of weakness, but a mark of courage. The first step towards change is acknowledging the need for it.


Let coaching be your stepping stone towards a balanced life, with purpose and fulfilment.

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