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Leadership Coaching

Feeling stuck in your leadership role? 

Are you leading effectively?

Struggling to inspire your team, make tough decisions, or navigate complex challenges?


My six-month Leadership Coaching programme is here to change that. Imagine having monthly sessions packed with tools, insights, and confidence-boosting strategies to help you thrive.

Rushing into a project without fully understanding the issues is never a good idea. Before we begin the coaching programme, it's crucial to have an in-depth assessment and diagnostic discussion to thoroughly understand your situation. This ensures we're both clear on the key issues at hand.


I'll also ask you to complete a comprehensive personality profile. This step is essential to identify both the systemic factors (external influences) and personal factors (your contributions) impacting your situation.


Understanding you deeply before the programme starts is vital for creating an effective and tailored coaching plan.

What I Offer:


  • Personalised Growth Plan: We'll create a custom roadmap tailored to your unique needs.

  • Monthly Coaching Sessions: Engage in regular 60-minute sessions focused on overcoming your specific hurdles.

  • Enhanced Skills: Improve your communication and decision-making abilities.

  • Leadership Style Development: Refine a leadership approach that aligns with your values and goals.

What You'll Achieve:


  • Inspire and Motivate: Learn how to connect with and inspire your team effectively.


  • Confident Decision-Making: Tackle challenges with clarity and confidence.


  • Emotional competence: Boost your emotional competence skills to handle workplace dynamics smoothly.


  • Conflict Resolution: Master the art of resolving conflicts and managing difficult relationships.


  • Effective Delegation: Learn how to delegate tasks efficiently to maintain productivity and innovation.

Why Choose Me?

I bring a unique blend of expertise as a psychologist and coach, offering a fresh perspective on your challenges. My approach is supportive yet challenging, helping you gain honest feedback and actionable insights. By the end of the programme, you won’t just be a better leader—you’ll be an inspirational leader steering your team towards success.

Tackle Specific Challenges:


  • Managing Difficult Relationships: Navigate complex interpersonal dynamics with ease.


  • Driving Innovation: Balance day-to-day tasks with creative growth.


  • Role Transition: Smoothly transition into new roles and responsibilities.


  • Building Culture: Foster a positive organisational culture to boost performance.


  • Stress Management: Learn techniques to manage the inherent stress of leadership.

My Unique Approach:

I don’t offer an off-the-peg coaching program. Instead, my systems-oriented approach views you as part of a broader organisational and social system. This deep perspective helps unravel the unconscious and emotional factors behind organisational behavior, offering priceless insights for leading effectively.

Looking to become a better leader? Let’s get started!

Leadership Coaching Plus

Enhance your leadership development with our exclusive Leadership Coaching Plus programme. This program includes six monthly 60-minute sessions, providing comprehensive and focused support...and a bit more.


Have you ever...

  • Needed quick strategies before facing a challenging conversation?

  • Received unexpected feedback and needed to process it quickly?

  • Wanted to debrief after a challenging meeting?


Beyond the regular sessions, you'll have unlimited access to me via email and phone, ensuring you get the guidance you need exactly when you need it.

You'll also benefit from ad hoc sessions to address urgent challenges or seize new opportunities as they arise. Additionally, you'll receive continuous feedback and accountability, expediting your growth and ensuring your success every step of the way.

Need a breakthrough, not just a pat on the back? Let's begin.

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