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Mastermind Groups

Wish you had support to help you steer through those unpredictable, fast moving waters of leadership?

How do you stay on course when the currents of change are strong and relentless?

Do unexpected obstacles keep popping up and throwing you off course?


Join my exclusive Senior Leadership Mastermind Group to transform your leadership capabilities, overcome complex business challenges, and build a powerful network of peers.

As a participant, you’ll gain:

Fresh perspectives on your most pressing leadership issues
Practical solutions to real-world business challenges
Enhanced leadership skills across various domains
A supportive community of like-minded senior leaders
Increased confidence in navigating complex organisational landscapes

How It Works:


  • Limited to a small group of carefully selected senior leaders

  • Led by me

  • Six-month programme with monthly 90-minute sessions

  • Initial one-to-one coaching session to clarify your challenges, aims and objectives


Session Structure:


  • Each month, one leader presents a specific business challenge

  • The group engages in structured brainstorming to generate actionable solutions

  • Topics may include:

    • Leading hybrid organisations

    • Developing transformational leadership

    • Navigating change

    • Enhancing communication and emotional literacy

    • Cultivating strategic thinking

The final session serves as a roundup and processing group


  • Draw on the group's collective wisdom and experience

  • Gain diverse perspectives on leadership challenges

  • Expand your professional network

  • Foster personal and professional growth in a supportive environment


Join me to accelerate your leadership growth and tackle your most significant business challenges with the support of an elite peer group.

If you are ready to stay on course through relentless currents and sudden challenges - then this is for you!

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