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To check whether you are on the road to burnout, complete the
following self-assessment. For each of the 15 statements below, pick the answer that best
describes you and give yourself a score:

I feel psychologically and emotionally exhausted at work.

​After a day at work I don’t have much energy for anything else.

I usually feel very tired when I am at work.

I have trouble sleeping.

I rarely feel any enthusiasm for my job.

I sometimes feel that I can't face going into work.

My work feels meaningless and worthless to others.

I sometimes feel that I hate my job.

I often feel very emotional at work.

When I am at work I can be very irritable.

I sometimes ‘lose it’ and overreact at work.

I sometimes find it hard to focus when I am at work.

Often I struggle to concentrate.

Just lately, I am making a lot mistakes at work because my mind wanders.

I am finding that simple tasks at work take longer to complete.

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