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I had the incredible opportunity to sit down with Patrick Daly of Interlinks Podcast to discuss my new book, Leading Hybrid Organisations: How to Build Trust, Collaboration and a High-Performance Culture.

The conversation delved into several key areas:

  • Mike's Career Journey: An overview of Mike's diverse career, including his roles in clinical psychology and executive coaching

  • Principles of Hybrid Leadership: Exploration of the foundational principles necessary for effectively leading hybrid teams, emphasising the importance of adaptability and emotional intelligence.

  • Building Trust and Collaboration: Strategies to foster trust and enhance collaboration among team members who may be working remotely or in different locations, ensuring a cohesive and unified team environment.

  • High-Performance Culture: Insights into creating and maintaining a high-performance culture within hybrid organisations, highlighting the balance between productivity and employee well-being.

  • Post-COVID Challenges and Opportunities: Discussion on the unique challenges and opportunities that the post-COVID hybrid work model presents, including maintaining work-life balance and leveraging technology for better communication and collaboration.

If you woul like to listern to the Interlinks here.

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