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Dr Mike Drayton, Business Psychologist & Executive Coach

Guided learning

We are experts in the field of mental health, conflict resolution and creating a positive organisational culture.

Our workshops and seminars are evidence based, highly interactive and engaging.

Mental Health At Work 

Employees with poor mental health - who feel anxious, depressed or constantly angry, don’t perform well.  

This workshop gives managers the skills and confidence to recognise the early warning signs of mental ill health. This helps managers support the mental wellbeing of their teams,  and so building a resilient and positive work environment.


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Building & Leading Inclusive Teams

We all have different opinions, personalities and backgrounds.  Men are different to women. We all come from different cultures  -  these can be related to the country in which we were born, our social 
class or our religious beliefs.  We bring this difference to the teams in which we work.   When these differences are acknowledged and valued, people feel included and this is what adds value to the business. When differences are ignored, dismissed or devalued people feel rejected and healthy debate turns into unhealthy and destructive conflict.


Psychologists have found that when differences in business teams are managed badly the teams underperform and lack engagement. However, when differences and conflict in  teams are managed well these teams out perform all others.

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Creating Resilience

Some jobs are just hard!  


People who do hard jobs are at an increased risk of developing work related mental health problems like stress, anxiety or depression.


Feeling pressured to do more and more, fit more and more into your day?  This steady and relentless 'drip, drip, drip' effect day in and day out, can cause demoralisation, pessimism and apathy.  This can have serious consequences for your physical and mental wellbeing; increasing the risk of burnout, and mental health related sickness absence.


This can ultimately result in you leaving altogether.

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  • Developing Emotional Intelligence
    We've all met people who are academically and technically brilliant, but can't get on with people. They have a high IQ, but low Emotional Intelligence.


  • Difficult Conversations
    We dread such conversations...about poor performance or difficult behaviour.


  • How To Make Better Decisions
    On the whole we are pretty poor at making decisions. This event draws on research in psychology and neuroscience on how to make good decisions when you are under pressure.


  • Leadership Development
    The people in a leadership team can make or break a business.


  • Managing Resentful Employees
    There is one group of employees that are guaranteed to strike terror into the heart of any peace loving manager or HR person.


  • Managing A Traumatic Incident
    What would you do if your business was involved in a traumatic incident such as an armed robbery, kidnapping, the death of an employee?

  • What Went Well...
    Let's look at what's good about your business, what's positive. What you're doing right, rather than what you're doing wrong.


  • The Psychology Of Negotiation
    How do you get something that you want, that the other person does not want to give you?

Our Experience – organisations we have worked with:


  • Novartis

  • Colas Rail

  • Cathay Pacific

  • Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited

  • Bury Council

  • NHS England

  • National Archives

  • Midland Heart

  • Kohler Mira

  • Natural England

  • Briggs Equipment

  • Media Molecule

  • National Express

  • Transform Housing

  • Norteck Engineering

  • Northern Ireland Executive (Northern Ireland Assembly)

  • Met Office

  • Cabinet Office, Emergency Planning College

Work with other public sector organisations:


Birmingham City Council

Government Departments (including HMCT's, HMRC, MoD, DWP, CPS, DfT, DVLA, DfE)

We can deliver mental health/wellness semianrs and workshops tailored to your needs.  If you would like to discuss how we can help, get in touch...

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