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Mixed feelings

Resolving & managing
conflict at work

There will always be a certain amount of conflict when people work together 

However, sometimes this conflict gets out of hand and takes on an  irrational, paranoid and personal quality. The conflict seems way out of proportion to the initial dispute that triggered it.  Conflict like this, especially in a board or senior leadership team, can be disastrous for an organisation; and a nightmare to sort out and manage.  The atmosphere can quickly become emotionally charged, complicated and toxic.  These feelings can spread out and affect others in the organisations.  People start to take sides and the teams become split.   ​

I can help you to resolve such high conflict and high emotion situations. 


I bring thirty years of experience as a practicing psychologist to help you to resolve your dispute.  Although this isn’t a formal mediation, I bring the skills of an accredited and experienced mediator and negotiator to the conflict.  I am an accredited mediator and a graduate of the Oxford Programme on Negotiation (Saïd Business School).  I have taught negotiation skills both in the UK and overseas (Russian Federation). 


​We will work together to find a resolution to your dispute.  I will  help first of all, getting everyone talking again. We can then start to unravel and understand the emotions and often unconscious factors that are fuelling the conflict.  When this happens, people are much more able to think creatively about possible options, ways forward and and the consequences of failing to reach a resolution. 


Nobody enjoys conflict at work.


In my experience most people who are caught up in such a conflict want an amicable end to it.  With a bit of good will and some skilled help, I believe even the most seemingly intractable dispute can be resolved.

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